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About us

At SPEKVA we care about quality. Therefore, we manufacture everything ourselves from scratch, something that is unique nowadays. Every single stave of wood is hand selected, sawn, planed, sanded and glued by our experienced craftsmen. During the journey from raw material to a finished surface, each stage is checked by hand nine times ensuring that our focus is aimed towards the quality of what is delivered.

No other material can bring so much warmth, life and natural feeling like solid wood. Since time immemorial, we have used this strong, vibrant and beautiful material to prepare food on and gather around to eat at. 

Vision and mission

Our purpose as a company is based on our proud history and craft:

We make a difference for people and nature by creating woodcraft – in particular unique tables and tabletops – for all that recognize superb woodwork design.


How we keep guiding our company towards our stated mission:

People: We will secure great working conditions for our employees and our suppliers. We should never let Lean Thinking comprise experienced quality craftsmanship, innovation and personal welfare.

Nature: We will contribute to a positive balance in natures environment.

Products: We will become world leaders in the market for high quality wooden tabletops. We will do this by staying innovative yet mindfull of classic quality, by staying true to our unique processes and by dedicating ourselves to customer service virtues on a personal level.

The best material and our great craftsmanship, 
ensures you with a 30 year warranty!

Our Story

Producing and innovating great quality wooden worktops since 1968

When Johannes Spek established his cabinetmaker's workshop in 1968 in Vamdrup and named it SPEKVA, he had plenty of ideas and visions. First and foremost, though, he had a love of wood and good craftsmanship. Combined with his natural talent for business, this ensured that the small firm quickly grew.

From producing a broad range of products in wood, the enterprising cabinetmaker began to specialise in worktops. This proved to be an excellent strategy both on the domestic Danish market and elsewhere in Europe, where a wide range of export markets were successfully entered during the 1990s.

Although sales, production facilities and staff continued to grow, three things remained unchanged: the strict approach to quality, the genuine love of good craftsmanship and the heartfelt pride in creating some of the world's finest worktops.

In 2009, Aalborg Træindustri A/S was merged with the firm, and with a single stroke a further 22 years of experience and know-how was added to SPEKVA's fantastic history.

Today, SPEKVA is among Europe's leading worktop manufacturers. With a unique combination of skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art production technology. With a passion for classic virtues of quality and service and a willingness to always think innovatively and stay ahead. And with a proudness that can be seen and felt in every single product – which you will find in each and every member of staff, many of whom have been with the firm for more than 25 years.

 Every single stave of wood is hand selected, sawn, planed, sanded and glued by our experienced craftsmen.



Want to join us?


Want to pick up the gloves? We are always open to unsolicited applications from skilled people with a passion for high quality wood. So please feel free to send us yours at spekva@spekva.dk.

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