Sustainability in a beautiful way

Brasilica Safari is the exotic wood species of Radiata Pine, originally from the Monterey Peninsula of California. At SPEKVA we get our Brasilica from sustainable plantations in New Zealand. The tree is not only beautiful and strong but also the most eco-friendly you can choose. It is growing so fast that forests can now reproduce themselves. At the same time, New Zealand plants have the most stringent environmental requirements in the world. Radiata Pine is naturally bright, but at SPEKVA we dry and treat the wood so that it gets a deep warm glow and bears the name Brasilica.

For many years, SPEKVA has successfully crafted only Royal Brasilica in long sticks. But now it's time to launch Prima Brasilica. Prima Brasilica is available in 30 mm and 40 mm. Each bar is hand-sorted by our passionate artisans and put together using full-depth plows and finger joints in length.

Prima Brasilica can be used as a countertop in the kitchen or on the dining table.

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