Functional minimalism at its best

SOLIS is a functional minimalism. The legs are designed as hollow, square tubes. The table is characterized by the combination of two apparently floating tabletops and trapezoidal legs.

SOLIS, on the one hand, has a rustic macho expression, while on the other hand, it has a lightness in the balanced proportions, which creates a clear focal point.

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The choice is yours

There are many possibilities when it comes to both wood types and surface treatment for this beautiful SOLIS table.

Choose from the following surface treatments

Black Luxury Oil, Gray Luxury Oil, Mocca Luxury Oil, Vintage Luxury Oil, and White Luxury Oil

Finish Options

River washed

Wood types

Ash, Bamboo, Beech, Brasilica safari, Cherry, Ash Thermo, Beech Thermo, Elm, Heart ash, Iroko, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut American, and Wengé.

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