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Design classics from the first moment

WINGS is a beautiful and elegant table, with light floating tabletop. The design is simple and Scandinavian, with a 30 mm thick solid tabletop that becomes thinner at the ends, like the wings of a follower.

The beautiful legs are hand-assembled and albeit beautifully designed to give the table maximum strength.

WINGS was designed by Danish designer Tom Stepp. Stepp is originally a building technician and building engineer, which is used as inspiration for the unique designs being developed.

Tom Stepp's design is, therefore, a very varied design, which has both legs on the ground, but which is also characterized by the understated beauty for which Scandinavian design is known.

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You can be the designer

At SPEKVA we believe that a table should fit in every home. With WINGS you can decide for yourself what kind of wood and surface treatment is right for your home.

Choose from the following surface treatments

Black Luxury Oil, Gray Luxury Oil, Mocca Luxury Oil, Vintage Luxury Oil, and White Luxury Oil

Finish Options

River washed

Wood types

Ash, Bamboo, Beech, Brasilica safari, Cherry, Ash Thermo, Beech Thermo, Elm, Heart ash, Iroko, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut American, and Wengé.

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