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For something to end well, is must begin well. Countertops and cutting boards must be able to withstand the raw materials that are laid on them. There must be no staining.
- Claus Skovsted, bar'sushi

Passion in the kitchen starts with high-quality raw materials and utensils.


Our countertops provide you with a safe and hygienic foundation for cooking. The solid tree is naturally antibacterial in nature. The natural enzymes and acids of the tree kill bacteria. At the same time, our countertops are treated with purely natural oils that protect the environment and your health.

SPEKVA has a clean and strong surface that resists food influences and is created for passion in the kitchen.

Good hygiene starts with wood.

Bacteria often have good conditions in a kitchen, but if you have a wood worktop, you give the bacteria poorer living conditions than with plastic and steel.

The Danish Technological Institute has prepared a study that shows that the myth that wood is difficult to clean effectively is false.

Laboratory tests with bacteria similar to feared kitchen bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Listeria show that wood is a hygienic material when it comes into contact with food.

When food comes into contact with wood, the bacteria are degraded by the natural enzymes in the tree.

Therefore, you can safely place your raw and food items on your SPEKVA countertop and cutting board.

Good advice for good food hygiene

  • Use solid wood cutting boards
  • Have several cutting boards in the kitchen - use one for vegetables and the other for meat
  • Clean your SPEKVA countertop and cutting board with standard detergent. Clean with as warm water as possible and wipe with a towel

Enjoy your safe cooking on your SPEKVA countertop and cutting board.

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