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Villa Moelven

Swedish architecture and sustainability at its finest

A tribute to the tree and sustainability.

Villa Moelven in Stockholm is a tribute to wood and is beautifully integrated into Swedish nature.

The house is constructed in a sustainable way in wood and shows the many properties and expressions that the material has. Behind Villa Moelven stands Swedish designer Klas Holm and Architect Studio Widjedal Racki as well as Norway's largest wood producer Moelven.

Villa Moelven is built as a tribute to the forest's raw material and traditional building technology. SPEKVA is a proud partner in this beautiful house, where no design or comfort has been compromised.

Wood has amazing properties like building materials and there is a reason why wood is still a used material in house construction. Its enduring, ecological, eco-friendly and climate-smart properties are to be seen when looking at houses like Villa Moelven.

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Photo: Staffan Flodquist

Moelven 6

Photo: Staffan Flodquist

The house heart room is the kitchen

The stylish kitchen, with its beautiful black color, contrasts beautifully with the natural wood colors of the house.

The tabletop is oak and has a nice matte black surface finish. The matte worktop creates a red thread for the kitchen fronts.

The details are to be seen in the legendary C-series and combined with the SPEKVA countertop, the kitchen is lifted to new heights.

The designer behind the kitchen is Zaza Moritz from uno form.

Villa Moelven is the dream project I always wanted to carry out
- Klas Holm, Designer - Villa Moelven

Villa Moelven was created with the idea of quality, sustainability and beautiful design. The whole house is built of wood and other natural materials.

The house is sustainable in more than just one sense. The sun helps generate the entire hot water demand for the underfloor heating system, tap water and pool from April to September. As the season changes and the days get shorter, solar panels work with a fully integrated geothermal boiler. The combination of the boiler and solar panels ensures an efficient solution that is easy to manage, but with very low energy costs.

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Photo: Staffan Flodquist

Staffan Flodquist 1

Photo: Staffan Flodquist

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