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Antique Oak.2021 premiered at area30. Available from us now. SPEKVA Antique Oak is characterised by its warm, reddish-tinted dark colour. Inspired by the 60s, modernised and with an eye to the future. Designed to create an exceptional sense of belonging in your kitchen.SPEKVA Antique Oak is FSC® certified and offers you a totally sustainable worktop. The FSC mark guarantees that the tree comes from forests where no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce. SPEKVA Antique Oak is unique as a worktop for your kitchen, bathroom or dining table.

Antik Eiche ist in der beliebteste Oberflächenbehandlung Neutral Luxusöl lieferbar.Eine Arbeitsplatte aus SPEKVA ist von Natur aus schön. Wir bearbeiten unsere Produkte ausschließlich mit hochreinen Naturölen und Farben aus Pflanzenextrakten. Stets im Einklang mit der Natur, das gilt natürlich für jede unserer Holzsorten, und ohne irgendwelche chemischen gefährlichen Zusätze. Unsere Naturöle und -farben sind unbedenklich, sowohl für die Umwelt als auch für Ihre Gesundheit.

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Antique Oak is an elegant piece of strong nature. Oak is hard, robust and has been used throughout the ages for timbers, ships and, of course, wooden tables. With the new SPEKVA Antique Oak you get an exclusive and elegant alternative to the classic light oak. A worktop in Antique Oak is extremely moisture-resistant and very easy to clean. The worktop only needs to be cleaned with soap and water and is maintained with neutral luxury oil. If you are worried about whether your wooden worktop can withstand the moisture in the area around a sink, you can be absolutely sure. All SPEKVA worktops can withstand water and are designed for everyday use in the kitchen and bathroom.

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