The story of SPEKVA


Craftsmanship since 1971

In 1971 Johannes Spek founded his carpentry workshop in Varmdrup. The workshop was named SPEKVA, a contraction of the surname Spek and Vamdrup. From the beginning Johannes had lots of ideas and visions, but the greatest was the love of wood and the good craftsmanship. The love for wood and a good business figure quickly made the small carpenter's workshop grow.

SPEKVA started by producing a wide range of wood products. But at one point it was clear to Johannes Spek that they had become really good at producing solid wood countertops. The company specialized in wooden countertops and it turned out to be a really good idea - both in the Danish market but also in the rest of Europe.

Although sales, production facilities and staff constantly grew, there are however, three things that have remained unchanged: the sharp attitude to quality, the genuine love for the good craftsmanship - and the sincere pride in creating some of the world's finest countertops.


In 2009, Aalborg Træindustri A / S was merged into the company, and with one stroke another 22 years of experience and know-how was added to SPEKVA's adventurous history.

Today, SPEKVA is among the leading European manufacturers of countertops. With a unique combination of skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art production technology. With a passion for the classic quality and service virtues and a willingness continually to innovate and be in front. And with pride that can be seen and felt in every single product - and which you will experience in the meeting with every single employee, many of whom have been with us for more than 25 years.

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