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SPEKVA offers a 30-year warranty against errors and unnatural changes.

At SPEKVA, we believe that our products must be of the highest quality. That is why we manufacture everything ourselves from scratch, which is unique nowadays. Every single stick is handpicked, planed, sawed, plastered, and glued by our experienced craftsmen. During the journey from raw material to finished product, the wood is inspected at all nine stages of production to ensure that our focus remains on the quality of our products.

No other material can provide as much warmth, life, and a natural feel as solid wood. Throughout human history, we have used strong, vibrant, and beautiful materials to prepare food and gather at meals.

All SPEKVA products are of such high quality that we offer a 30-year warranty against errors and unnatural changes in the Royal, Classic, and Prima product ranges. For almost 50 years, we have refined our work processes in the sorting, processing, and assembly of wooden sticks for tabletops and furniture of the highest quality. By hand-picking rods from the world's best suppliers of quality wood, we ensure the best quality in each product and every type of wood.

Part of the secret of our unique and known quality is our special collection method. Nuts and ferns are plowed into the sides of each wooden rod. This makes the total worktop so strong that we can guarantee you at least 30 years without breakage or unnatural changes. Another secret is that we refuse to make our production lean. None of our employees work on time, and each product takes exactly the time it needs to take. The full terms of our warranty can be read in the warranty voucher, which is shipped with your product.

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