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Discover different front edges for your kitchen worktop.

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Side piece solution

Choose between different side piece solutions and joints.


Quality - the best craftsmanship

When SPEVKA will tell you about the quality of our countertops, we would much rather invite you on a tour of our joinery. Here you can really feel the special SPEKVA spirit. Experience how each and every employee with a straight back does their best work to make your worktop top of quality.

We show you what happens to the many different types of wood, from arriving in Vamdrup until they lie as an individually customized worktop with a quality conscious customer like you.

How the rods are critically selected by our experts. Flipped, rotated, and evaluated to ensure a minimum of splint wood and to create the greatest harmony in the color gameplay between the individual spells. How skilled-hand sticks and modern technology are processed by experienced craftsmen who look and judge throughout the process. And how the rods for three of our product types are "plowed" with fine grooves on the joints to provide greater glue area, stronger joints, and better kitchen hygiene.

On your tour, you will also have the opportunity to experience how our most exclusive countertops in Royal the series is created by full-length hand-sorted first-class rods. And how the rods in both Classic and Prima are combined with visible fingertips that, in addition to elegance, provide extra strength and durability.

Finally, we will show you how the worktops get their distinctive glow when we treat them with the highest quality pure natural oils. Completely free of chemical additives and allergenic ingredients.

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