Continuous staves

A ROYAL worktop is composed of continuous staves that give a clean and fluid expression to your worktop. The staves are hand-sorted wood of the highest quality assembled in consistently narrow or wide countertops. The staves are carefully selected for the color and pattern of the wood. The staves are always bundled with tongue and groove, providing the optimal strength for your countertop.


Symmetrical style

CLASSIC is hand-sorted staves, with a similar rod length. This quality type is first-class wood, glued together in tongue and groove in-depth in a symmetrical style. The pattern of this quality type is comparable to the structure of a brick wall.

The staves are hand-sorted by the color of the wood as well as the pattern and give a beautiful classic look to your countertop.


Diverse construction

With PRIMA you get a versatile design in your countertop. The staves lengths are different, but are hand-sorted by color and pattern, so that a beautiful look is still created in your countertop.

If you choose PRIMA, you get a countertop that has a slightly more rustic character.


Vertical staves

Endwood is a beautiful solution that will make your guests take a second look at your countertop. This type of quality consists of endwoods in vertical rods, which give beautiful visible annual rings in the surface.

The uniqueness of Endgrain is that there are some small cracks in the surface, which are a natural part of the details of this quality type. By this method, your countertop is assembled with plows in one direction and smooth glue in the other direction.

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