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Brasilica originates from the exotic wood species Radiata Pine, originally from the Monterey Peninsula of California.

The timber is the most environmentally and eco-friendly you can get and is therefore also fully FSCĀ® certified.

At SPEKVA we get our Brasilica from sustainable plantations in New Zealand. The tree is not only beautiful and strong but also the most nature-friendly you can choose.

Radiata Rine growing so fast that forests can reproduce themselves. In fact, the timber grows to full maturity of approx. 24 years. This is in contrast to other types of wood which take an average of 80-100 years to mature.

Plantations in New Zealand has some of the strictest environmental standards in the world, which ensures that the plantation owners respect the social, cultural, and environmental impacts that are associated with the cultivation of the tree.

Radiata Pine is naturally light in its color, but at SPEKVA we dry and treat the wood so it gets a deep warm glow and bears the name Brasilica.

To close the fibers in the timber and make the softwood hard, pressurize with proteins (amino acids) and color into the timber. The colors come from crushed flower petals. The amino acids are already an important part of our daily food, so the composition is completely harmless to humans.

The staining runs all the way through the timber so that the worktop, bar counter, or the like can be cut, sanded, and repaired for on-site scratches without giving visible discoloration.

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