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History of purchase

When buying wood, the environment is frist and foremost for SPEKVA. Even though we are a small business, we must take great responsibility.
- Gert Rasmussen, CEO - SPEKVA

At SPEKVA, we work towards selecting only FSCĀ® certified wood. Therefore, we require our suppliers to comply with FSC certification requirements.

Through this, we will contribute to responsible logging and improved living conditions for the local population in forests around the world. At the same time, through the FSC, we contribute to the achievement of world target 12 on responsible consumption and production and world target 15 on land life. In addition to our own FSC Chain-of-Custody certification, we are a member of FSC Denmark, which works actively to promote the use of sustainable wood in Denmark and the Nordic countries.

Main goal until 2022: SPEKVA will ensure that 95% of the tree purchase is FSC certified.

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