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Dark oak, the sustainable way

SPEKVA Oak Thermo has a deep, dark, and rich color tone that you may have already become accustomed to seeing in other oak finishes such as smoked oak and moss oak. At SPEKVA, we like to do what we can to help the environment. Therefore we have opted for a sustainable way! Spekva have created the color without applying any additional chemical procedures, SPEKVA Oak Thermo obtains its deep dark color from a natural process created by prolonged heating.

The heat treatment not only leaves you with rich dark color, but it also closes the surface fibers of the wood, which preserves it and makes it resistant to moisture. This method has been common knowledge since the era of the Vikings, who used fire to harden wooden poles that were due to be submerged in water. This treatment preserves the longevity of all solid woods, especially when being considered for other harsh environments…making a perfect solution for a kitchen surface!

SPEKVA Oak Thermo is FSC®-certified, ensuring you with 100 percent sustainability. The FSC mark guarantees that the timber sourced comes from managed forests. Where a balance is vitally important in ensuring that timber felled leaves a little impact in regards to what a forest can produce in maintaining its own health.

SPEKVA Oak Thermo is beautiful and designed by nature to be one of the strongest. Oak is hard, sturdy and over time has been used for timbers, ships, and of course wooden tables. With the new SPEKVA Oak Thermo, you get an exclusive alternative to the classic light oak.

Under the dark exterior of Oak Thermo, you can feel the natural grain structure of the wood, no charm or natural honesty has been lost, it has simply been enhanced. The distinctive dark wood allows you to create a unique counter-play with other colors and finishes within an interior scheme, allowing you to implement a contrast to light elements or a luxurious interaction with dark tones.

A countertop in Oak Thermo is extremely resistant to moisture and very easy to maintain. The worktop only requires cleaning with water and soap and is maintained with neutral luxury oil. Should you be concerned if your wooden countertop can withstand the levels of moisture around a sink area, then you can be completely safe. All SPEKVA countertops can withstand water and are designed for everyday use in the kitchen and bathroom.

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