Oak comes from most of Europe.

Oak grows to about 20-25 meters high and can reach a diameter of up to 5-7 meters. They can reach the age of 400-500 years but are ripe for felling when the tree is around 120-15 years. The oak has a distinctive appearance with a smooth bark on young trees and a coarser crust bark with deep furrows on older trees.

Oak is characterized as a hard and easy to use lumber. It is very strong and has over time been used for half-timbers and ships. Oak is a good choice for a countertop as it is incredibly durable.

Oak has a beautiful golden brown color that gets a little darker with age.

Prima Oak Jpg

Oak - Neutral oil

Oak Plank

Oak Plank is characterized by its thicker staves of 80 mm. The more powerful spells give a beautiful and calm expression to your countertop.

Plank has the characteristic golden-brown color that darkens over time.

Eg Plank comes as FSCĀ® certified.

Wild Oak

Oak Plank - Neutral oil

Oak Rustique

Oak Rustique is characterized by its more rustic expression. Here you will find beautiful natural structures such as crests and a pattern that follows the life of the oak.

Rustique has a golden brown color that shows the warmth and sturdiness of the plate and darkens with age.

Please note that Eg Rustique is only made for tables and bartops.

Oak Rustique comes as FSCĀ®-certified.

Rustique Oak Neutral Oil

Oak Rustique - Neutral oil

Prima Oak Grey Oil

Oak - Grey oil

Prima Oak River Washed Vintage Oil

Oak - River Washed - Vintage oil

Prima Oak White Oil

Oak - White oil

Oak Wild White Oil

Oak Plank - White oil

Rustique Oak White Oil

Oak Rustique - White oil

Prima Oak River Washed Grey Oil

Oak - River Washed - Grey oil

Prima Oak River Washed White Oil

Oak - River Washed - White oil

Oak Wide Grey Oil

Oak Plank - Grey oil

Rustique Oak Grey Oil

Oak Rustique - Grey oil

Prima Oak River Washed Neutral Oil

Oak - River Washed - Neutral oil

Prima Oak Vintage Oil

Oak - Vintage oil

Oak Wide Vintage Oil

Oak Plank - Vintage oil

Rustique Oak Vintage Oil

Oak Rustique - Vintage oil

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