SPEKVA produces quality, Danish craftsmanship in a pure and renewable natural material, placing focus on attaining the greatest possible level of circular production – free from waste and chemicals, and always striving towards outstanding quality that gets the absolute best out of the wood we use.


  • Our production is located in Denmark, and this guarantees high quality, local employment, student positions, sheltered jobs and the most stringent possible conditions for our materials and working conditions.
  • Our products are made of wood – primary wood with FSC certification, naturally.


  • Each worktop is put together from hand-sorted staves and planned in such detail that, for each order, we are able to put together a worktop that matches the required dimensions exactly – and this means we can make considerably better use of the wood (as much as 30% better, in fact) compared to working with standard, prefabricated worktops.
  • Our products are treated with natural oils before the leave the workshop.
  • Packaging for SPEKVA products is made specially at our warehouse, so we can always be sure that each package will take up as little transport space as possible, while also ensuring optimal protection against damage in transit.


  • Any parts that are cut away (around the sink, for example), are transformed into gorgeous cutting boards and seats for bar stools, while very small scraps of wood and wood dust are used in the heating of our premises. Absolutely nothing goes to waste.
  • We produce custom, artisanal products in wood that are easy to maintain and to keep for a lifetime. They can also be upcycled, bringing yet more joy through a freshly sanded surface, a new lick of paint or even an entirely new design. Wood is a fantastic material that offers endless possibilities.
  • The high quality and purity of the material mean that both upcycling and recycling are possible. Old worktops can be reused or even transformed entirely into small tables, bar fittings, shelves, chopping boards or serving platters. That is why we are also glad to take back your used SPEKVA worktops, so that we can be sure to give them a new life and incorporate them into a circular process as best we can.

We are proud of what we do and the things we create, and we look forward to telling you more about our discoveries, progress and goals on our continued journey within sustainability and circularity.

Made in Denmark