Craftsmanship with Respect for the Earth’s Resources

Consideration, integrity, and respect for the earth’s resources run as a green thread through everything SPEKVA does and stands for: We exclusively build our countertops from wood – a renewable, natural, and CO2-storing resource. We custom-make countertops to measure and never use pre-produced elements, which results in a high waste percentage.

FSC® – Certification

At SPEKVA, we take responsibility. That is why we offer FSC®-certified products, guaranteeing that the wood comes from a forest where no more trees are felled than the forest can reproduce.

FSC® (Forests Stewardship Council®) is an international non-profit labeling scheme that helps you and us take care of the forests and the people and animals that live in them. FSC® does this through democratic work with indigenous peoples, forest owners, and other stakeholders in forestry worldwide. The goal is to create a better future for the world’s forest areas in collaboration with businesses, social organizations, and environmental organizations.

Thanks to FSC® certification and sourcing wood from controlled sources, we can actively contribute to protecting forests for present and future generations. Ask for our FSC-certified products.


Gentle Methods

Wood is our most important resource, so we custom-make each countertop to measure. The countertop is carefully constructed from hand-selected staves of the highest quality and assembled with a special technique (plows), ensuring incredibly long durability.

SPEKVA countertops are of such high quality that when a countertop acquires patina over time, it can be treated for a new look. This significantly extends its lifespan, and when a countertop finally reaches the end of its life after many years, all elements can be dismantled and recycled for new projects.

In short: craftsmanship with consideration from start to finish.

Low Waste Percentage

Our countertops are custom-made to measure without using pre-produced slabs, significantly minimising our waste percentage. Surplus wood is made into new useful items or used for other purposes, ensuring we utilize our wood resources in the best possible way. We constantly challenge ourselves with methods and materials that are gentle on the climate and environment, and we expect the same from our partners.