We are very proud to offer SPEKVA Green Oak from January 1, 2024 – Oak countertops that leave the smallest possible environmental footprint.

With SPEKVA Green Oak, we aim to ensure, down to the smallest detail, that the production of a SPEKVA countertop leaves the smallest possible impact on our planet. This is achieved through FSC® certification and using locally sourced wood, ensuring short transport distances to our workshop and optimal conditions at our suppliers.

The adhesive used is a newly developed bio-based single-component glue with reduced CO2 emissions. The finishing touch is the natural linseed oil, which SPEKVA Green Oak is treated with before the finished countertop leaves the workshop and is delivered to the customer.

SPEKVA Green Oak is, of course, handmade in Denmark and has passed all our quality tests with excellent results. SPEKVA Green Oak is available in Prima, Classic, and Royal constructions, in a neutral oil finish.

– FSC®-certified with locally sourced wood

– Bio-based glue with reduced CO2 emissions

– Natural linseed oil produced in Denmark

By prioritizing local sourcing and using innovative bio-based glue, we actively reduce our environmental impact.

Jesper Nicholaisen, CEO