Carpentry Workshop since 1971

In 1971, the cabinetmaker Johannes Spek founded his carpentry workshop in Vamdrup in Kolding. The workshop was named SPEKVA, a combination of the surname Spek and the town of Vamdrup. The skilled and visionary Johannes had a very special ability to see and understand the wood’s unique play of colours, structure, strength and possibilities. This feeling for wood created SPEKVA and is still the soul of everything we do and the way we work today. We get our wood from some of the world’s best suppliers and only use wood and types of wood with a beauty, strength and history that we can be proud of. This ensures unique wood craftsmanship in a sublime quality.

Danish craftsmanship at its best

Steeped in tradition and professional pride, our experienced and passionate craftsmen still conjure up some of the world’s finest carpentry worktops for kitchens in the carpentry workshop in Vamdrup for at home and abroad. SPEKVA’s exceptional quality and unique designs are seen in the detail and experienced in the whole; the hand-picked pieces of wood are assembled into the most beautiful pattern imaginable and the joints, carvings, surface and finish are made to perfection.