A ROYAL worktop is composed of continuous full length staves, that gives an elegant and graceful expression to your worktop. The full length staves of wood are hand-sorted, and assessed vigorously so only the highest grade is chosen before an item is constructed. They then are carefully selected to ensure the colour variation and graining are both consistent in toning and pattern, before being tongue and grooved. This process provides optimal strength along with the very finest quality to your premium countertop.

CLASSIC is constructed using shorter hand-sorted staves, all of a similar rod length. This unique style or type of countertop construction is tongue and grooved throughout the full length and depth, then formed in a pattern that is comparable to a brick wall. Again the staves are selected to maintain a similar toning of wood colour, to give that consistent yet premium quality.

PRIMA adds a versatile design to a countertop, the stave lengths are different and the variation in colour of each stave is higher. However each stave is tongue and grooved throughout the full length and depth, which provides you with the very best in strength and durability. This construction type is more rustic, by focusing on the natural charm of solid wood.

ENDGRAIN is a beautiful solution, more commonly known and designed as a “butcher’s block” feature. This construction is ideal for a designated chopping surface, which can come in various sizes and shapes. The staves are hand-selected and positioned vertically, which show off the natural beauty of the annual ageing rings all over the entire surface area.
Small cracks on the surface can be seen in random places, though this is simply the organic charm of the construction. A natural detail of this particular design. The countertop is assembled using tongue & groove in one direction, then flat-glued on the other.