River Washed Brasilica

River Washed.

Brasilica comes from the Pinus Radiata variety in New Zealand and is FSC®-certified.

Here it is grown on sustainable plantations under strict environmental requirements. The tree only takes 24 years to mature and therefore grows at a very sustainable rate. Radiata Pine is naturally bright, but at SPEKVA we dry and treat the wood so that it gets a deep warm glow and bears the name Brasilica.

At SPEKVA we engineer and pressure treat the wood with a water-based compound of proteins and amino acids. This process transfers it from a soft, to a hard wood (similar in density to oak).

To alter the colour from a natural light/blonde, to warm exotic brown…a colouring is added to this compound which is obtained from ground-down flower petals.  Amino acids are already an important part of our daily diet, meaning the composition is completely harmless to humans.

The staining runs all the way through the timber so that the worktop, bar counter or the like can be cut, sanded and repaired for on-site scratches without giving visible discoloration.

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